I assist new or intact teams to clarify their goals, objectives, and processes in a manner that leads to mutual accountability and goal attainment.


Karenthia A. Barber

Karenthia A. Barber has over 20 years of experience in organizational development, education/training and human resources. Recognized as an exceptional strategist, world-class speaker, seasoned business consultant, and leadership coach, she currently serves as an adjunct faculty member, board chair and president of Professional Development Associates, LLC. a consulting practice that provides coaching, consulting and organizational development services to organizations.  

Under her leadership, the firm has provided a wide range of organizational development and training services including workshops, facilitating focus groups, seminars, and retreats and coaching.

Ms. Barber has designed, developed and facilitated training programs for companies of all sizes including federal, state, corporate and non-profit organizations throughout this country and abroad. She has presented workshops and trainings for over one hundred thousand individuals from all levels of an organization, representing a broad range of ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic diversity.

My Clients

Karenthia A. Barber has been recognized for her expertise in the areas of leadership, supervision, change management, communications, community engagement, cultural competency, among others.

Karenthia A. Barber has presented workshops and training sessions for over 200,000 individuals from all levels of an organization, representing a broad range of ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic diversity. Ms. Barber has taught at the university and community college level and has become a much sought after speaker at many professional conferences.


You will know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it to reach your desired outcome. *You’ll also have access to my personal lessons learned and helpful insight on product management such as hiring the right PM for your team or even how to manage a co-founder relationship in order to launch a successful product.

What People Say...

Rarely do you meet a training instructor that you remember many years later. I attended a Professionalism course taught by Karenthia whose concepts I still use to this day. She didn’t just teach the concepts, she modeled them as well. Karenthia is a great communicator and would be an asset to any team.
Ava C. Jones, MSc, PMP, DTM
Sr. IT Project Controls Manager - Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
The communications training that Ms. Barber provided to BTU staff was well organized, well received, and thought provoking. The training engaged staff in discourse about innovative and accessible ways to communicate with members and each other. Staff inquired about the most effective ways to communicate certain messages and Ms. Barber humbly gave suggestions, encouraged staff to share best practices, and also reminded us of ineffective ways to communicate. BTU staff thanks Ms. Barber for a great communications training!
Diamonte Brown
Baltimore Teachers Union
Karenthia, is a phenomenal Trainer and Coach. She has a wealth of knowledge, and shares it appropriately in the classes she conducts. Her interactive approach encourages participants to stay involved, and interested. As a Coach, she is reliable, creative, and intuitive. Her listening skills engender confidence. I highly recommend her, as a skilled professional.
Beverly Pollard
Consulting Equal Employment Opportunity Officer Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Washington, DC


Leaders and employees need specialized training; especially in this ever evolving post pandemic environment. Let me assist your team in clarifying their goals, objectives, and processes in a manner that leads to mutual accountability and goal attainment.

My Other Services

Utilizing a tailored approach, I provide strategic support and accountability, to help individuals clarify, pursue, achieve, transform and thrive into a more effective leader.

Recognized as an engaging, inspiring and educational world class speaker, Ms. Barber provides keynotes on a range of topics including: Leadership; Diversity, Inclusion and Equity; Generations At Work, and Communications.

Assisting organizations by  identifying root cause, behavioral and systemic challenges and developing strategies  to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.

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